Feeling relieved

Today has been a massive achievement for me! I have had a hearing impairment since the age of 19, when under active thyroid, mental health problems caused my nervous system to go into a shock which brought about severe hearing loss. I wear bilateral hearing aids (both ears) on a daily basis. However, since first having hearing aids I have had severe ear infections practically all the time! Which has been horrific. The last 6 month up until the Sunday b.efore bank holiday Monday I had no ear infections and I was doing well. However I started getting severe pain in both ears, could not sleep the pain was horrendous I had never experienced it so severe. I was referred to urgent care who examined both ears thoroughly and the doctor said I had a foreign body in my right ear. He thought it was a cap off my hearing aids. I have had black caps on my hearing aid for 3 years before that the where white! Remember that point! I was then referred to hospital the next day (today, 28th may) , my left ears syringed and was so painful I fainted but at least I was on the bed. Then they examined my right ear there was indeed a hearing aid cap, but it was white!!’ It had been there years!! The doctor said it was that far lodged near my ear drum that normal doctors wouldn’t be able to see it using a normal ear scope. But he also thought it could have been there as long ago as when I had my first hearing aids. The infections had built up over the top of the cap for years. And had got so severe the last few days I had no hearing. Even now that the cap has been removed. I am in agony and the doctor aid my ear drum has been badly damaged, they are yearsnow regularly seeing me and I’m getting two different type of hearing aids that cannot get stuck. I can’t quite believe that it took one doctor at urgent care’s thorough examination to find out what had been the problem for staryso many years! He said the reason the left ear also gets infection as it acts in response to the other ear. I have to see the consultant doctor at hospital regularly now to ensure the infection goes then I can get my new hearing aids. Today another stepping stone in my road to recovery. And to the doctor at urgent care and the consultant doctor at the hospital I am truly thankful and thank you for not judging me for crying and letting me squeeze your hand when the pain was too much, I hope I didn’t break your hand!! 😄 onwards and upwards


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