Painting the picture

Painting the picture
Sometimes I try to paint a picture of how I truly feel.
Like a dot to dot,
I try to make the connections.
But it’s hard to draw the lines,
When I don’t feel fine.
There’s so many thoughts entering my head.
But my mouth can’t speak the thoughts that I feel,
It feels like all this is so surreal,
But it’s not it’s definitely real.
Living with bipolar is a big deal.
We shouldn’t feel ashamed of this disorder,
But we often feel we ought to.
Bipolar disorder is hidden within side,
Not something people can see from the outside.
But just because you cannot see,
This disorder tries to destroy me,
Everyday is like an emotional roller coaster,
Somedays are high,
Somedays are low,
Then there’s some days in between just so so,
I don’t expect you to know,
But sometimes I wish this disorder would go.
There will be times when you ask me to go out places and I have to say no,
But deep down in side I want to go,
But the way that I’m feeling today,
I just want to run away and hide,
Today I can’t fight the emotional ride.
I don’t want to upset you or hurt you at all,
And i do get scared our friendship will fall.
But true friends stick by you through the good and the bad,
And it’s these types of friends that makes us glad.
They are the best friends I ever had,
But I bet sometimes I drive them mad.
I love them as cherish them so very much,
And I know we will always keep in touch.
So everyday we try to fight this onwards battle
If today’s the day you feel like doing nothing, that does matter,
It might improve the day after!
Always remember bipolar disorder is not the real you,
Be the person your meant to be, the true you!


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