Pain poem

Pain can take on many forms,
But you don’t want it to be the norm.
Make the pain vanish one by one.
Sometimes pain can be psychological like things that have occurred in the past,
But the pain and hurt is still very real,
It doesn’t disappear it continues to haunt me.
Then some pain is felt deep inside,
Like emotional torture that gives you no drive.
Emotional pain is like no other
It’s hard to contain, but quite easy to cover.
When others look at us,
They may think we look just fine and that we’re looking good,
But I wish they knew how bad I feel that I could convey these feelings, I wish I could.
Somedays I have never felt so good,
Then there’s day like I feel I’m stuck in the mud,
And no matter how hard I try, it feels like everything I try to accomplish that day, is never quite good enough!
It can be agitated, irrational and no good, and in one almighty big huff!
Everyday feels like I’m juggling a hold load of stuff,
It isn’t surprising some days are tough!


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