Hello buddies!

Hello everyone and welcome to my newly made blog page. I have recently been diagnosed with bipolar, and am well on my remission journey. I have suffered depression since the age of 16 and have been on antidepressants ever since. However I believe the antidepressants somewhat masked what was really going on. Looking back I have had severe depressive episodes but I have also had manic episodes. In November 2014 I became severely depressed and could not do anything at all for myself. I was referred to a psychiatrist and through assessment was diagnosed with bipolar. At first it was difficult to come to terms with but now I understand. I have support of my boyfriend, family and friends. But also my cpn, the recovery college and the support group I have recently started attending. I have begun to write my own poems about my experiences and feelings and would like to share them! Hope you enjoy them

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